Hi everyone ! Today, let’s talk (in english ’cause i try be a good web developer)  about a quite awesome game of my steam library : the creepytastic Sunless Sea by Failbetter Games.





Fallen London


Game’s story begin in Fallen London who fell from the Surface into the depths after an occult cataclysm. The dark and Gothic Victorian city lays next to a black ocean : the Zee. You play as a newcomer at Zee, a young Zailor whom inherit of a old steam boat and some Echoes (the local currency) from some unknown uncle.

First thing to do will be choose your name, your past and a goal.  The first can be anything, the second boosts some of your skills and the last change a lot the way you’ll be playing the game.


The Fallen London’s docks : Home


House of Charts

At zee you can use  zee-bat to find undicovered island, control your engine to move wisely , turn on or off deck’s light,  end life of deadly enemies by using weapons, gather strategics informations, find  so-many ways to make money and die.

Frankly : the game is f*****g HARD.  You can die by so many ways that it would be too long to write. Take care of your fuel, your furnitures, your money, your mind in a ruthless world. Each travel cost you hard-earned Echoes and exploration feels like Russian roulette. You WILL die. But the game is just beautiful.

It’s looks like  Lovecraft curve the mold and forgotten gods fill it with tears, iron and shadows. Each events, written in a fabulous (and sometimes pretty difficult) English, putting your imagination to good use. Musics are captivating too, working just fine to immerse you in this dark realm of fears and splendours. Do i say that i love this game ?



Feat Donald Trump



Lose your mind. Eat your crew.

Zee bats fly like little devils around the spires of London’s mansion. Crew is ready to leave the reassuring lights and zail (yeah zail not sail u ol’ twerp, we aren’t Surfacers here) south, passing the Cumean Canal to dock in the Iron Republic. From there we’ll go to the shores of the Elder Continent,  buying coffee and sapphires and then North to the Khanate (Her Lost Majesty command us to introduce a spy in the Court). Long road await us my delicious friend. I leave you here. Farewell.


I’m lost at Zee.


That all folks !